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I love to hear about people's experience of the training, how they will embed it into their lives and work and the difference it has made to their knowledge and confidence.  

'Invaluable... can't thank you enough'

'Hannah was more than "very good". Engaging, empathetic, relatable, just brilliant. I can’t thank you enough for an engaging couple of days. The whole course really opened my eyes to the illnesses that exist, and importantly, how I might be able to help those individuals in crisis. I now looking forward to putting it into practice.'

'I wanted to join this course so as to be able to signal to the organisation that mental health is an important topic in which we all need to take interest. That could have been achieved just by showing up, ticking the box, and moving on. What I didn't fully appreciate was how impactful the course material, discussion and tuition would be - I feel more confident to speak about mental health and how we can help improve it; and more confident to support people who may be experiencing mental health challenges. Hannah's mastery of the subject, authoritative but empathetic and supportive voice, and ability to constructively and efficiently guide the program and discussions were a big bonus - she really is a star'

'Absolutely fantastic course. I genuinely think every business leader should take this course. It is essential to understanding and promoting a healthy supportive environment in the workplace.'

'Very engaging, very helpful - from both a personal and professional point of view'

'Excellent course, genuinely the best training I have been to. Enjoyed every part even the interatctive sessions which normally I do not like. Very supportive'

'I can't thank Hannah enough for being so kind and understanding throughout this course - it is very intense but when you finish you feel like you have achieved something great'

'Lovely, informal, thought-provoking course - well worthwhile'

'I felt safe and secure'

'Very supportive and empathetic approach built a safe environment'

'Thank you for a truly enlightening two days, it was superb'

'I felt safe and supported throughout'